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Aircraft Carpet

For over 40 years, Fairmont Carpets Aircraft Division has been a trusted partner in the commercial and civil aviation industry, providing top-quality aircraft carpets that go above and beyond expectations. Our cutting-edge looms allow us to offer a vast selection of carpets that cater to every need.

Founded in 1983, Fairmont Carpets stands for quality, flexibility & sustainibility. From the first to the last step in production, we strive to deliver the utmost in quality – from raw material sourcing to delivery worldwide.

With a profound knowledge of the aviation market, Fairmont translates your values into commercial and innovative solutions with quality carpet that helps reduce the total cost of ownership. The aircraft carpets are produced in China with the Wilton weaving technique and can be distributed worldwide.

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Fairmont can meet most of the aircraft model perfectly

High Class on Fire resistant

Ultra Light Wight to Aircraft

Wearing long years for Heavy Traffic 

FAR Certificate, CAAC Certificate


Fairmont can assist client to designing,

Make custom color and weight sample for approval

Also an installing layout in the aircraft floor

Airplane Carpet2.jpg
Aircraft CarpetIMG_1951.jpg


The High Technology on the woven facilities;

80% Wool 20% Nylon Fiber,

Woven Loop Pile Construction;

4m width in rolls or customized size to Aircraft

Custom Size & Packing

Fairmont can supply 2/4m with roll carpet for client

In order to meet a fast installing,

a custom shape and packing to Airline company with location marks is also available


Technical information

Pile Composition: 80% wool & 20% nylon – antistatic fibers
Construction: 2-frame woven carpet ISO 2424
Pile Weight: +/- 721 g/m² ISO 8543 — EN 1307
Total Weight: +/- 1495 g/m² ISO 8543 — EN 1307
Pile Height: +/- 3 mm ISO 1766
Total Height +/- 5 mm ISO 1765
Backing: PES/cotton + synthetic latex, flame retardant
Knots: +/- 144.000 kn/m² ISO 1763
Width: 200 cm – special width on request  ISO 3018
Electrostatic behaviour: < 2 kV
Dimensional stability:  ca. 0,5%
Burning behaviour heat release rate test per CS/FAR 25.853 App.

F Part IV smoke / toxic gas emission requirement for CS 25 App. F Part V

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