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Praying Hall University Sains Malaysia


University Sains Malaysia


Daniel Ross





Fairmont Carpet partnered with USM to design and manufacture 3,000 square meters of custom woven woolen Axminster for the Mosque Building of University Sains Malaysia, Masjid Al Malik Khalid.

USM, 22 April 2022 - The congregation and parish as well as all citizens of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) are grateful when the Al-Malik Khalid Mosque changed its face when the installation of its new carpet was completed and ran smoothly this Ramadan.

The uniqueness of the design and the color used this time is grand and very close to USM when it features purple which is USM's color as the color of the carpet.

It went viral on USM's official Facebook social media page when a photo of this carpet was uploaded and it has received positive and constructive responses and comments from netizens about it.

The director of USM's Islamic Center, Mohammad Shukri Bin Osman, thanked all the donors and waqfs who contributed to the purchase of this carpet.

"Hopefully, with this conversion, it can provide comfort to the congregation that is present to perform worship at the house of Allah SWT," Mohammad Shukri Bin Osman.

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